How it started

With influence from his father and brother, Brett's spark for music came alive at a young age. He began teaching himself to play guitar at nine years old. By age twelve he was playing on talent stages and sitting in with bands his brother played with all around Central Texas. At fourteen, Brett formed the Brett Hendrix Band. 

From the bands formation in 2009 until Brett's solo acoustic tour in 2018, the Brett Hendrix Band routinely played across Texas and Oklahoma. They won the RedCTV Best of Country Series in 2011. With the winnings of the competition they recorded a demo and a music video "Small Town Texas" as they continued to perform and tour around Brett's high school career, and then his college classes. 

In 2018, Brett drove himself across 28 states, playing 52 shows, in just 60 days for his Side Show Acoustic Tour. During that time he learned more about himself and the life of an independent music artist than any class could have taught him, both good and bad. Despite the long lonely miles, the late night drives, and, at times, playing to empty rooms, upon his return to Texas at the end of his tour Brett knew one thing was certain: music was his career.


utility musician

After his solo tour, Brett was offered a position as a utility musician with a nationally touring artist based out of Texas. Instead of driving alone in his Jeep, he had a bunk on a tour bus. He played 4 instruments and sang back up vocals while performing for crowds of thousands. That lead to his next opportunity as a utility musician for Chancey Williams and the Younger Brothers Band and a move to Wyoming in 2019. 

2021 and beyond

In 2021, Brett and his family decided it was time for him to step back into the studio and the front of the stage. Leaving Chancey Williams and the Younger Brothers Band was one of the hardest decisions to make. The band was family; but with a family of his own, including a toddler, the decision was made to set up his home base in Northern Colorado and get back to his roots - writing and performing.

Brett got back into the studio in 2021 and found his current producer, Josh Gleave, who has pushed Brett out of his "Texas-country comfort zone" and inspired Brett to create the music he loves.

You can find Brett playing both solo and trio shows all over the Rocky Mountain region, writing and recording in Nashville, and on multiple social media and streaming sites.