Who is Brett Hendrix?

Brett Hendrix is a multi-instrumental singer/songwriter, whose heartfelt lyrics and captivating guitar skills make him a rising-independent artist to keep an eye on. 

His intricate guitar work creates a harmonious blend of melody and emotion that resonates with audiences of all ages. His blend of country, blues, and rock-and-roll give him a unique sound that can't be defined by categories or genres. 

New Experiences

A quick trip to Texas

The roar of engines, the smell of burning rubber, and the thrill of high-speed competition—the Formula 1 race is the epitome of exhilaration! However, at the heart of this intense sport, there's more than just the sound of screeching tires. 

In recent years, the F1 experience has expanded beyond the track, offering fans a unique blend of entertainment and culture. Brett Hendrix was honored to be invited to play one of the 15-stages at the Circuit of the Americas for the F1 Qualifying Race on October 20, 2023 in Austin, Texas; an experience he won't soon forget.

FIRST Original Track TO HIT OVER 100K streams

Sneakin' Around  is Brett's first original song to hit over 100,000 streams! The song was written about the relationships you see or have had with someone you originally didn't plan to be with. Brett saw it in friend groups and bars over the years, then he finally ended up in one of those relationships himself (with his now-wife!) and so the song came naturally. 

This song was written with fellow singer/songwriter Nate Botsford.